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Adobe Flash 12 Download Debacle


Adobe is shooting itself in the foot. Because of Flash’s history, with security concerns and performance issues, downloading the latest and greatest Flash player should be as simple as humanly possible. But that is not the case.

To download Flash Player 12, I had to go through the Adobe’s website. Updating from with Flash Player 11 didn’t seem to be an option.

That isn’t too bad a problem, except for 2 days I tried to download from Adobe’s website, and wasn’t able to.

All I saw was this:


Every time I clicked on “Install Now”, it linked me back to adobe.com.

Until I realized that my Ghostery add-on for Firefox was blocking Omniture. I paused Ghostery, reloaded the page, and saw this:


So McAfee, while it is “optional”, is really required in the sense that it must show. The same cookie is required for the “Install Now” download option to work, otherwise it links back to Adobe.com.

So basically this tells me that to download Flash Player, I have to allow advertising and cookie tracking, and if you running any secure blocking of those cookies, you can’t upgrade your Flash Player, it doesn’t even fail properly to the correct download link.

I also tried the “Are you an IT manager or OEM?” link hoping it would provide an executable I could download, but that required a separate registration process.

Dear Adobe – stop penalizing people who are trying to make their browsing experience as safe and secure as possible. Your desire to track things with Omniture shouldn’t trump basic common sense.