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What an amazing seven years. This past year I’ve been so busy, I’ve rarely had a chance to blog. Ok, well, I blame Twitter.

I joined eCivis in 2005, and made their leading product, in my humble opinion, a world-class ColdFusion-based SaaS application. I’ve learned so much through the years, and have had the opportunity to climb the ladder at eCivis during that time.

Managing and growing the same app over seven years is an amazing experience: you really learn how to code to keep the future in mind, and you learn amazing ways to refactor and optimize code. Some of what I’ve done is so unique that many people said its impossible with ColdFusion. eCivis really nurtured my love affair with technology and product management.

Some of you may know, I’ve been pursuing a third bachelors degree on the side. In October, I had a big decision to make about my future and completing my degree. After speaking with my boss, who was very supportive, I made the hardest decision of my life.

Today, I’m 3000 miles away from home – in another country – pursuing a specialized certificate in an ancient foreign language to complete my degree. I’m among a handful of people who get accepted to study this way – its close to 4 years of study in a 6 month intensive format.

I left Southern California and it was 74 degrees in December, and when I got to my destination, the wind chill was -24 degrees Celsius. I’ve dragged my family along, and have moved to working part-time – just barely enough hours to make sure the goals I’ve set for the company and my team get met, and we still have a successful year despite my absence. I believe in them, and they continue to rock on without me.

I’ll have my head down and studying for the next 6 months. Forgive the radio silence. I’m nervous and excited – who knows what the future holds. Whatever it is, I think it will always include ColdFusion.


Comments on: "Scratching the Seven-Year Itch" (1)

  1. Well good luck and hopefully it will work well for you.

    BTW what country and what language?

    Have fun.


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