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WTH?! Bloglines to Shutdown!

Ugh. Bloglines, which I use for reading 1000+ blogs, is shutting down in 3 weeks. They say you can export the OPML file, but what about all my saved/marked content? This sucks.


Comments on: "WTH?! Bloglines to Shutdown!" (4)

  1. You mean you’re one of the handful of people who didn’t stop using it when it became so flaky and unreliable it was nearly unusable? I loved Bloglines and didn’t want to move to Google Reader but they made it nearly impossible to stay imo.

  2. Brian,

    I used their beta service for two years and found it reliable. The regular site was pretty bad.

    Still, there is something wrong with Google Reader… sigh.

  3. They never really put in enough resources to get Bloglines to where it needed to be. I use News Net Wire, and when they stopped supporting importing feeds via Bloglines, I had to switch over to Google Reader.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve started using Tiny Tiny RSS and it’s not bad. I’m going to miss beta bloglines 😛

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