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At first I thought this was a joke, but it seems like Chase Bank is dropping support for Chrome and Opera, and keeping support of IE6!
I have my own issues with Chase. Their online banking portal is about as ugly and “1999” as it gets. And if you use AdBlock for Firefox you get nice white screens of death.
Anyways, read on @ http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/06/28/chase_ie_6_dumps_chrome_opera/.


Comments on: "IE6 More Secure than Chrome and Opera?!" (1)

  1. hmm I’m a little skeptical… I think there is more BS in this than meets the eye. Seems very counter intuitive to invest the future of your web applications security in an browser that is no longer supported by it’s creator…

    “There are dozens of browsers in use today, but not all offer the minimum levels of security that we require while others may not perform well with our site.”

    “One possible factor behind the decision by Chase, the retail banking arm of JP Morgan Chase, is that it’s in the middle of digesting the IT operations of Washington Mutual – the failed bank acquired in 2008 when the economy was heading south. Chase could be looking for ways to curb its IT costs by focusing on just a handful of browsers on the app-development front.”

    I definitely think they are just being tight. As, in they don’t want to spend the money on upgrading/developing their web application to work properly and securely within newer browsers.

    Man, I’d hate to use a banking site through IE6. It would be so damn slow in comparison to modern browsers (esp. Chrome).

    Anyway, interesting article. They might change their mind as they realise IE6 is not the popular browser they thought it was.

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