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Etisbew is a outsourcing/offshoring firm.They state: “Etisbew Technology Group,
a global software solutions provider headquartered in
USA having state of the art offshore development center in
provides high quality and cost effective solutions. We
have built
an impeccable reputation for providing professional
software solutions
that are delivered on time and within budgets.” They go on to state: “We also have team of professionals who are specially
trained and
certified in ISO Quality Management Standards and
participated in our Internal Auditings under the
leadership of
NQA Certified Lead Auditors. We do have an Internal
Auditor Certified
Project Managers.” and “All our methodologies conform to these standards and we ensure the stringent testing process for delivering the best output to our clients.”
They have a special section of their site dedicated to ColdFusion. http://cf.etisbew.com/home.cfm?file=index.htm
Can anyone see a problem? Yes, if you change index.htm to index.html in the URL, you get a nice CF error.
Would you trust your ColdFusion code to such a firm? An ISO 9001 certification is worthless if you can’t do the basics. This is of course excluding the fact that they still show the old CF logo and list CF8 on there. Sigh. When will these firms “get it”?


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  1. I love the name “etisbew”. I can see the bumpersticker: “Web sites done backwards!”

  2. Ouch. Interesting how they allow you to use a URL variable to include any file on their HDD you wish. Try doing calling the file back to itself (file=home.cfm) 🙂

  3. I think they fixed this issue.

  4. Etisbew is a nice company where I had my official project through this company and it’s working fine..great work from etisbew..Thanks

  5. Damon Gentry said:

    @chris hopper – I’m a bit suspicious of your comment. You listed ‘bytestopshere.com’ as your website in the comment form, the very site that just discredited Etisbew as a professional web development firm. I highly doubt that ‘Chris Hopper’ works with Sami.

    Sami, can you confirm or deny the existence of a ‘Chris Hopper’?

  6. I’m not up for slagging them but one page does mention “we strictly follow w3c standards”
    then when ya validate that page it returns
    Errors found while checking this document as HTML 4.01 Transitional!
    Result: 35 Errors, 7 warning(s)


  7. Looks like they did make some changes. Changing the URL now defaults to the home page, and including the cfm file no longer causes a JRUN error.

    I don’t know Chris Hopper, and his email address shows his name to be something else.

    Matt, yup, noticed the standards issue.

    I really do wish CF firms the best, but when do stuff like this its like a slap in the face sometimes.

  8. Well, it *is* an offshoring firm. I haven’t yet run into any offshoring firms that produce real high quality code. It’s usually functional, but rarely elegant or robust.

  9. It should be noted that I’m not trying to say anything bad about offshore developers. There are plenty of very skilled developers overseas, but the practice of outsourcing to an offshore firm is usually driven by cost, and so most offshoring firms trade quality for cost at a very steep rate.

  10. Etisbew did excellent work on my website. They were timely and professional. I will use them again for additional work on my website.

  11. So john let me get this right, you’re a customer but surf highly technical blogs, may I ask how you found this one?

  12. @ how all these things come to know?

  13. Ouch. That’s pretty bad. As has been mentioned already, some of the best minds for software engineering are located overseas. When you put out marketing materials like this, however, you just don’t help the case.

  14. @John
    Pics or STFU

  15. I have no doubt Etisbew has and continues to do good work. My post was simply about how weak their corporate website design was, and how it didn’t even take some basics into account, and how that seems to be reflective of so many firms in their industry… and my own desire to see CF firms that really reflect best practices.

  16. Ziggy,

    I’ll delete your post since you’re using a fake email address. If you read my post and comments, you’d understand why I wrote this.

  17. Sami,

    I would want to back up Ziggy,

    For instance in your very website I am sorry to say this, though I am a coldfusion Pro working on coldfusion for 12 years now and certified too, did you ever tried to spend time on checking this very website ??

    scroll down to this very page and click on about me link.. it takes to to a blank page which I felt is trying to convey that their is nothing to say about your self ?? ( I know this is overseen by you and it happens in website development)

    and also click on link to ecivis.inc in your about me page it take you nowhere.. so Do we as coldfusion lovers thing that you commenting on a company (ofcourse I never knew of this company) is worth it ??

    when you own website is at fault as theirs ??

    sorry no heart feelings to any one but may be when you write a blog I think it needs due deligence to examine case by case.

    I am a good follower of your blogs..but this made me think twice to think if its really worth it..to visit and be a follower …….

    I am sorry guys.. But i prefer to do some research before concluding any thing.


  18. crs.stallen said:

    Yes @ PK, he is right, sami I think you should look at our own website toooo……


  19. @ stallen,

    thanks but did you too noticed the issues in http://www.bytestopshere.com/ as i noticed above ??

    so based on this @ all the contributors ..what do you all think ?? we should re-think on what we all posted here…

    I do not care about any organization as I do free lancing..and i worked with offshore teams and they are great….

    finally not sure but ARE WE jealous of them……

    I don’t care… I know sami would delete me from this thread as did to Ziggy.

    But as a fan of CF.. I feel I am associated to bytestophere….


  20. PK, Suresh,

    I understand where you are coming from. I didn’t design this website, its the standard MangoBlog install, nor did I design our corporate website, http://www.ecivis.com.

    If I was to design a site, I wouldn’t be including files from the URL and claim to have expertise in the product. That’s all I have to say.

    Suresh, no I won’t delete you. I’ve never done a delete until yesterday. Like Sean Corfield, I don’t appreciate anonymous (and useless) comments.

    I’m glad you are standing up for offshoring. Guess what? My graduation thesis was on offshoring to India, and I go to India whenever I can. Let’s just say I am NOT unaware of the quality issues that exist when offshoring to India, and the outrageous claims made in the name of ISO certs, etc.

    @ PK : “scroll down to this very page and click on about me link.. it takes to to a blank page which I felt is trying to convey that their is nothing to say about your self ?? ( I know this is overseen by you and it happens in website development)” There is no “About Me” link at the bottom. Not sure what you are talking about.

    @ PK: “and also click on link to ecivis.inc in your about me page it take you nowhere.. so Do we as coldfusion lovers thing that you commenting on a company (ofcourse I never knew of this company) is worth it ?? ” I can click on the link just fine. What are you talking about?

    @ PK: “I am sorry guys.. But i prefer to do some research before concluding any thing.” I have no idea what you are talking about. I can’t make out your research…

    I’m glad to have sparked such emotion, but the fact that people from Etisbew have tried to add me on LinkedIn and corrected their website is all a good sign.

  21. Sami he would be referring to this link
    its below where it says “about sami hoda” the link has the text “More…”

  22. Matt,

    Looks like a bug in the MangoBlog template. That area seems to change when viewing posts vs viewing the blog in general. I’ll let them know, thx!

  23. Sami,

    Its nice that you have brought up this issue and also to note that etisbew has rectified the identified errors and yes I agree that this is a good sign.

    But I felt that this could have been intimated to them directly or may be the title of the blog could have been something else. I feel that just because of a bug on their website that does not mean that this firm is a bad outsourcing firm.

    Just as having a bug / issue on your blog site does not mean that you are not a CF Expert.

    Hope you are getting what I wanted to explain.

    Neverthless, Its really nice to get in touch with you. And pls keep contributing to the CF community as you have been doing.

    All the best

  24. Will everyone please stop whining in here? All Sami did was point out that this company claimed to have a standard that they didn’t meet themselves. Period.

    Complaining and whining with statements like “Yeah, but your code isn’t perfect either” isn’t a valid point of reference since at no time did Sami claim the to have the same certifications and perfections in his code.

    Sami was correct with his statement “An ISO 9001 certification is worthless if you can’t do the basics.” ISO certifications are VERY SPECIFIC in their meaning and requirements (not something to take lightly). Look it up before you go off defending something you know very little about.

    Unless you have something useful to offer, stop whining and STFU.

    (Apology to Sami for the vent. I rarely do. But I can’t stand trolls like this. The good news is that it sounds as if Etisbew (awesome name) was quick to resolve the issue and I assume are handling this professionally)

  25. Jeff,

    My intention was not to hurt Sami or others here and And I apologize if my comments meant that way, in fact I respect each one of you who contribute to the CF community.

    I agree that we stop whining here.

    @every one, I am working with one of my client on a project and they want me to implement a CMS for their website. I earlier worked on MURA but does not have any experience working on other CMS on CF. Can any one help me guide in this direction and suggest which is the best CMS.

    I found articles on the internet about this But if you can share your experiences that would really help me.

    Sami, if you can start a new post that might help.


  26. @Suresh

    There are several CF-based CMSs (even more in PHP and other languages). For CF, the two free ones that come to mind are Mura and FarCry. There are for-purchase ones as well such as CommonSpot and HotBanana (as well as many more). Unfortunately this discussion would really go off-topic, so you’d be best to ask this somewhere else though (like one of the CF mailing lists).

    For me, I work in FarCry on a daily basis, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was biased (since I commonly work with the development team for FarCry). If interested, there were some good CFMeetup presentations on both Mura and FarCry (and possibly others). You can find the recordings here http://recordings.coldfusionmeetup.com/

  27. @Jeff

    Thanks for sharing the URL. I will come back to you for any assistance wrt.

    Hope you would be ok with this.

  28. Did anyone bother to contact them and let them know about the errors? I’ve just emailed them as I’d like to think someone would do the same for me if they found a problem with one of my sites :O)

  29. They did fix the error. Shortly after I contacted their upper management to do an interview covering the good work they do, and did not hear back from them.

  30. cferror would sort most of this out in one go.

  31. The way they fixed this is pretty dubious though, remove file from the query string entirely and you can see it’s a hard coded fix (in the error message that appears):

    if( #lcase(url.file)# eq ‘home.cfm’ OR findnocase(‘.cfm’,url.file) )

    You can still include whatever you want on the file system for example

    What’s weird is that this cfm file seems to be entirely pointless. You can visit the pages without going through their home.cfm template. Try visiting just ColdFusion-development.htm

    I dunno, that whole company seems a bit shady for CF development. They are definitely not CF experts.

    (Also your blog was convinced this comment was spam, I had to modify and submit at least 10 times)

  32. Elliot,

    What are you talking about? The only thing I don’t like is that they didn’t include pound signs around findNoCase like they did with lCase. 😛

    Good find!


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  34. yes, an cferror code would sort most of this out

  35. I am currently looking for a decent outsource partner for one of my clients and would be very appreciative if anyone could point me in the right direction of a company that they have personal knowledge of producing good code. We have a client in dire need of support and there are very few CF practitioners here in South Africa.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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