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Looks like Peter Farrell discovered a memory leak on CF8 (and CF9 it seems) when output = false is not set on CFFunctions! If you have a CFC intensive application, and are using ColdSpring, then you may be affected. I am looking to go through my apps and make sure output is set, and I don’t know if other frameworks have picked up on this issue. So be aware!
Read more @ http://blog.maestropublishing.com/fixing-a-mysterious-memory-leak-on-coldfusion.
Vote for a fix at the CF Bug Base @ http://cfbugs.adobe.com/cfbugreport/flexbugui/cfbugtracker/main.html#bugId=82362.
Update: Luis Majano confirmed that ColdBox 2.6+ does not have this issue.
Update: I believe this is a Adobe CF issue only.


Comments on: "Must Read: ColdSpring Bug – Memory Leak" (5)

  1. How about script style component in CF9? by default it is just like Option 3 in the article.

    do we need /** @output false */ ? if so that’s gonna be UGLY!

  2. Henry, Good question. If you vote, I’m sure Adobe will look at both traditional and cfscript implementations. My guess is that both would be affected.

  3. Already did, but that bug report says Duplicated=true, and Reproduced=false… That kind of worries me.

  4. cfscript doesn’t need output=false since its default is not to output

  5. @Sam, yes I understand, but it might just be same as Option 3, since by default if output is not set, it is not output=false nor output=true.

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