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Facebook Announces First Custom Data Center

Pretty interesting stuff. Read more @ http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=262655797130.


Downloading YouTube Videos Made Easy

Did you know that you can easily download Youtube with little or almost no effort on your part? And no, its not with a browser plugin, or anything else thats complicated.
Actually – its a simple as changing the URL.
If you like a Youtube video, change the URL from youtube.com to 3outube.com. That’s right, just change the Y to a 3.
Alternatively, you can add the word “kiss” in front of Youtube.com as well. Both website allow you download FLVs, and 3outube offers MP4s as well.
Easy to remember, easy to use.

No Longer Adobe Community Expert (ACP) :(

I was just informed I didn’t make it to the group this year. As you know, its been renamed as the Adobe Community Professionals.
The group is limited to 30 professionals every year, and I believe Adobe wanted to bring fresh faces to the group. As you know, I’m an oldie.
Its OK. I’ll live. And continue to give back to the community as best I can.
Over the past year, I’ve had increasing management responsibilities. I’m currently the Director of Product Management at a SaaS company whose products suite is built using ColdFusion. This gives me a unique viewpoint on ColdFusion, and I’ll continue to voice that.
Throughout 2009, I’ve been reviewing books before publication (very exciting!), reviewing POSS service offerings, writing more open source code, and beta-testing (pre-release) Adobe software.
Lets see where 2010 takes me!

ColdFusion & NetSuite – Need Help

Does anyone have any experience working with NetSuite by using ColdFusion?
I was wondering what sort of stories you can share – the good and the bad.

MSSQL vs MySQL – A Decent Post

Just saw this. MSSQLTips.com was asked: “Is Microsoft SQL Server superior to MySQL or not? What are the pros and
cons of using SQL Server over MySQL? Is MySQL mature enough to compete
with a big player like Microsoft and Oracle? Can we fairly compare both
Read their answer @ http://www.mssqltips.com/tip.asp?tip=1920&ctc.

Open Source Flash Runtime in JS and SVG

Saw this, and it looks pretty impressive.
Read more and see demos @ http://paulirish.com/work/gordon/demos/.