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Just an FYI. I ran CFQueryParam Scanner (latest from RiaForge) on my local CF9 box, and got this error:

Invalid name for user-defined function.
The name Variables.Struct contains illegal characters.
The CFML compiler was processing:
* A cffunction tag beginning on line 4, column 2.
The error occurred in qpscannerindex.cfm: line 4



I changed the function named “Variables.Struct” to “Variables_Struct” and ran it to get this error:

Variable STRUCT is undefined.
The error occurred in qpscannerindex.cfm: line 16


<cfset FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS = Struct(defaultFuseaction:"start.intro",fuseactionVariable:"fuseaction"


Comments on: "CFQueryParam Scanner Broken on CF9" (6)

  1. Argh! There’s no reason that shouldn’t work. :@

    The solution to this is to also assign Variables_Struct into Variables.Struct, like so:

    I’ll double check that on other engines and commit the fix as soon as I can (probably be this evening).

    In future, please report problems like this using the “Contact Project” option on RIAForge, so that I can fix issues like this sooner.

  2. Also worth noting, you can probably fix this by switching all Struct() calls to the new inline struct notation – assuming you don’t need backwards compatibility with other engines.

  3. Peter,

    I did use the “Contact Project” option. Looks like you never got my email, so I made this blog post. 🙂

    Look forward to your fix.

  4. Hmm, possibly there may be a problem with the contact form – couldn’t see anything in spam, so I tried to send myself a message, and after 15 minutes it still hasn’t arrived (but a separate test to same address has arrived).

  5. I just ran into the same issue.

    I just changed the name to “struct”.

    I’ve no idea why it was named “variables.Struct”….? Seems like an odd choice.

    Put the response here, as this was the first google result I found searching for this error.

  6. Mandel’s suggestion is what I used and it worked perfect.

    index.cfm line 4 change the function name to struct.

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