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I’ve been reading my logs more thoroughly for the past few data and I see a lot of bad traffic. Couple that with CFFormProtect, which tends to block SPAM posts dozens of times per day. Most of the traffic is coming from China unfortunately.
Now looking at my Google Analytics, I do think there is some legitimate traffic from China. For my work, on the other hand, we blocked ALL traffic from China, since we don’t do business there and see no need for traffic from there.
However, as a blogger, what do I do? What can I do to conserve server resources without kicking out what may be legitimate readers? What have you done? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.


Comments on: "Blocking Traffic from China – Thoughts Needed" (3)

  1. The few legit chinese visitors you get have a hard enough time without us bloggers blocking them. There’s the great-firewall-of china and the Chinese censoring making surfing (and life in general) troublesome. We should not add to that. Freedom, and all that.

  2. I can appreciate Neils’s perspective and such, and I would choose not to block ANY traffic to my blog. I would, however, strongly consider blocking form posts from China.



  3. It should be possible to write a plugin for your blog. This plug-in would be switching the comment function on and off, depending on the origin of the visitor. I made something similar to your request:

    Function: depending on your origin you can view a site or not.

    I will try to write the requested function for the wordpress blog, but I won’t do it for the Mango Blog system.

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