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Here is what I entered for the details of the bug.
“When there is an error sending mail through a server, through large batch for example, the mail ends up in the Undelivr folder. This is expected behavior. However, the individual CFMail files in that folder, have the SMTP server explicitly hard coded. If that mail server changes for example, what is required is to go through all of these files manually and change that value. What is more curious, is that if that line is deleted all together, CF uses the default mail server in CFAdmin. So why hard code at all, unless the cfmail tag explicitly specified a mail server to use. If it didn’t, that line shouldn’t be there in case of a SMTP error. See: http://www.bytestopshere.com/post.cfm/help-funky-cf-mail-issue-mailserver and related forum entry for details. Major issue. No need for hard coding unless CFMail is explicit!”
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