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Hiring Woes!

As I’ve been trying to hire for several different ColdFusion positions over the past few months, I’ve come across a lot of interesting folks and I’ve made a ton of interesting observations. While I won’t name names, I would say that there are definitely some people I would never work with. Like Sean Corfield, who maintains a list of people whom he would never hire, I’ve started my own list.
More stories and observations to come!


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  1. Dakota Burns said:

    I suspect you and others have created a list of no-hires so you don’t waste time reviewing their info in the event their resume crosses your path in the future. I understand why this might be done — for me, perhaps I would do it because they were obviously on drugs, blatantly disrespectful, or took an extended cell-phone call while you were interviewing them. What prompted you to ban these candidates from future consideration?


  2. Dakota,

    It has to do with respect mostly. If someone is abrasive for no apparent reason, I’d rather no deal with them. Having a bad day is one thing, but persisting through weird comments and improper etiquette is another.

  3. I would love to apply, but it’s so flippin’ expensive to live out there. What is the salary range for the Sr. Dev position?

  4. Derek,

    Send me your resume and we can talk.

  5. Name withheld so I don't end up on THE list said:

    I’m sure everyone who hires keeps this list at least mentally but what is the benefit of talking about it or reporting on it (e.g. “More stories to come”). Saying that you are going to talk about applicant stories is probably not the best way to get more applicants.

  6. Mr. Name WithHeld,

    Don’t be scared. Comments or asking questions of me doesn’t mean you get on some list.

    Talking about it helps “remind” people of proper etiquettes, and gives them some stories to remember. That’s all. And when you say reporting on it, it doesn’t mean I go around telling names to others, its more like this happened, this is what the person should have avoided.

    If people are scared of applying because I tell stories, then I must really have a popular blog. 😛

  7. LOL, Sean keeps a list of people he’ll never hire? Having met him, I can actually believe it.

    Dang it, now I’m going to lay awake at night wondering whose “list” I’m on. 🙂

  8. I will bookmark and continue reading your blog in the future! Thanks alot for the informative post!

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