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ColdFusion Bug # 79585 – Mail Server Hard Coding in CFMAIL – Vote!

Here is what I entered for the details of the bug.
“When there is an error sending mail through a server, through large batch for example, the mail ends up in the Undelivr folder. This is expected behavior. However, the individual CFMail files in that folder, have the SMTP server explicitly hard coded. If that mail server changes for example, what is required is to go through all of these files manually and change that value. What is more curious, is that if that line is deleted all together, CF uses the default mail server in CFAdmin. So why hard code at all, unless the cfmail tag explicitly specified a mail server to use. If it didn’t, that line shouldn’t be there in case of a SMTP error. See: http://www.bytestopshere.com/post.cfm/help-funky-cf-mail-issue-mailserver and related forum entry for details. Major issue. No need for hard coding unless CFMail is explicit!”
Vote here:


Microsoft sucks at Photoshop

Take a look at this Engadget post. See anything weird.
Need a hint: Look at the guy in the middle. The head is messed up and so is the hand!

Reading Text Files Through Line Number – A Solution

As you guys may know, on one of my production boxes, I’ve been having CFMail issues. Details here.
Here is an image of the problem:
 CFMAIL Before
As well, I looked parsing the necessary cfmail files to get rid of defective line. But looking at ColdFusion and Java (and even .NET), nothing stood out.
So that was it! I needed a solid CFC to work with text files on a line by line basis. Enter FileByLine.CFC.
Here is some code!

Author: Sami Hoda
Email: sami bytestopshere.com
Blog: http://www.bytestopshere.com
Version: v0.1
Note: Comments appreciated!

This code is provided as is.
I make no warranty or guarantee.
Use of this code is at your own risk.

To Do:
– Optimization! I want it faster!
– Implement some sort of find capability… use Regex?

Copyright 2009 Sami Hoda

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.


And now the image shows:
CFMail After
Voila! Have fun. Comments welcome!
I’ll add this code to RiaForge shortly!
UPDATE: Code now on RiaForge, see http://filebyline.riaforge.org/.

Hiring Woes!

As I’ve been trying to hire for several different ColdFusion positions over the past few months, I’ve come across a lot of interesting folks and I’ve made a ton of interesting observations. While I won’t name names, I would say that there are definitely some people I would never work with. Like Sean Corfield, who maintains a list of people whom he would never hire, I’ve started my own list.
More stories and observations to come!

Help! Reading Text Files Through Line Number

As I deal with the mail server issue (see previous post), I was thinking how to automate some of the find and replace I am doing.
I know that CF8 has many new functions and memory enhancements when dealing with files, but I was wondering if anyone has a UDF or CFC dealing with the following use case.
1. Open target text file
2. Replace text on line number X
3. Save target text file
Sound simple, right? But I have not found any code in ColdFusion, where you can explicitly target a line number inside a text file for some action. Has anyone seen this, or something similar in JAVA which could be turned into a UDF or CFC?

Help! Funky CF Mail Issue – ${mailServer}

Has anyone encountered this issue before?
All emails seem to go into the UnDelivr folder, and each email has “server:  ${mailServer}:25” in the header instead of the valid mail server.
Beside the fact that this is an annoying function of CF Mail (hard coded values, when it should just use the default in CFAdmin), I’m wondering why every other value is correct except this one.
Now I have to do a find and replace for hundreds of emails, fun!
Any ideas?
UPDATE: Mail.log shows: “Unknown SMTP host: ${mailServer}”
UPDATE: I simply deleted the whole “server” line and the files went through using the default mail server. I wonder why we need that line in the file now!

Reminder – We're hiring like crazy! Jobs, jobs, jobs!

You heard me right, we’re hiring like crazy. Just a reminder.
We have openings for:

  • Web Developers
  • Sr. Web Developers
  • Architects / Principal Engineers
  • Dev. Managers

Our team became smaller over time due to the economy, and as people moved on to try different things, and we’re ready to hire.
We’ll even consider working with people with visa and/or relocation concerns!
We’re a well-oiled machine, formal product development lifecycle, mature development process with the Mach II framework, and we’re looking at tweaking our existing SaaS application and building new applications using new frameworks. Time to learn new things and take them to the next level.
Plus you’ll get to work with me, a long time CF guy, and Adobe Community Expert. 🙂
For more details, view my earlier post:
Please note: The location is on site here in Sunny SoCal and pay is DOE.