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Guys, hoping you can help me out. I’m looking to move our company away from using SourceForge OnDemand (now CollabNet), towards something a bit more… fresher? In my analysis, I looked mainly at simplicity… simplicity for the developer and project manager. I’m probably missing tons, but I found some lower cost alternatives that were even more feature-rich than SourceForge OnDemand, while focusing on simplicity and ease of use.
Among the tops options are Assembla, Codespaces, and Unfuddle.
Have you guys used any of these tools? Thoughts? Do you suggest any alternatives?


Comments on: "Assembla? Codespaces? Unfuddle? Looking for your input!" (15)

  1. The only host I’ve ever used for this stuff is Assembla, and I’ve been pretty impressed thus far with their features, interface and service.

  2. I use Assembla. I finally decided to use SVN after reading the book “Advanced Flex Application Development.” Now it seems crazy not to since Subclipse is integrated into Eclipse and can also be used with the standalone version of Flex Builder. Anyway, the book’s authors preferred using a hosted provider for SVN rather than using your own since it is a bit of a headache to setup and maintain. The book listed http://www.hosted-projects.com but after doing my own research, I settled on Assembla. I do freelance work and my latest client (a development shop in Atlanta) also used Assembla.

  3. I was an Assembla user for quite a while. LOVED them, but had to switch to Unfuddle because I had 20-30 little tiny projects, and I just couldn’t justify paying for it when I could setup an SVN service on my hosted server in minutes. I found Unfuddle and have been VERY happy with them.

  4. Pat,

    I’m hearing good things about Assembla. How would you compare it with Unfuddle?

    As for pricing, I believe Unfuddle has a 50 project limit @ $99, while 100 spaces at $249. For us, the Assembla $99 plan, with 20 spaces would make sense. I read somewhere both are looking to customize their pricing for your needs, but don’t remember where… So, if the price were the same which one would you choose?


    Thanks for your comments!

  5. I work for ProjectLocker (http://www.projectlocker.com). We have free plans for up to 5 users and 500 MB, and paid plans with more space and users for as little as $2.08 a month annualized. We do Subversion hosting, Git hosting, and Trac hosting, and integrate to a number of popular tools. We encourage you to take a look at us as well.

  6. C.G.,

    We did look at ProjectLocker earlier… For reasons I don’t remember off the top of my head, it didn’t make our cut. Probably because we’re not fans of Trac…

    Thanks for writing though.

  7. Don Bellamy said:

    Another vote for Assembla, using it for about a dozen projects at the moment, couldn’t be happier. 🙂

  8. Anastasia Vosk said:

    I would use Assembla. It’s comprehensive and very easy to use. I know a lot of people who use it and they all say good things about it too.

  9. Projectlocker is very good, I tested it. If you can improve the user interface, it will rule. The price/value ratio is very good, imho.

  10. Christiaan said:

    No time tracking in ProjectLocker.

  11. now Assembla offers 2GB private subversion and git repositories for FREE! Are they crazy or what?

  12. Jonathon said:

    I used Assembla for the past year or so, and I’ve LOVED them… until recently that is.

    I needed to take ownership of another space I worked on. Went thru the process of taking over ownership from the other user’s account. But instead of transferring payment responsibility to me, Assembla simply created a new, blank space under my user account.

    So I wouldn’t get charged for this blank space I didn’t want to begin with, I followed the directions in the email I received: clicked the Cancel link in the email. Cancel the *space* right?

    Unfortunately, no, it didn’t just cancel the space… it canceled my entire account! My user account as well as a space I was already paying for. Code, issue tickets, wiki pages… all gone. I just wanted to cancel the space that I didn’t want in the first place!

    So, via another user account, I tried going to their forums to get support, but it would show me as being logged off even though I was logged in. I would click the “Login” link on the forums page, but it would just take me back to my dashboard.

    So I e-mailed them and told them all of this, and the next day received short and sweet: “We’ll look into it.” Wow, grade A user support… I’m sorry to bother you, I mean your system only DELETED ALL MY DATA.

    That was almost two days ago, meanwhile I have lost an entire space (along with all the code, issues, wiki pages that went along with it), and I cannot access the working copies I had checked out of the other space because my user account I was using with them is gone too.

    All I wanted to do was take over payments for a space. Instead, all my data was destroyed at the click of a link and no signs of them correcting it.

    • Jonathon,

      That’s unfortunate. I’ve worked with their developers around the world, and it can be a hassle keeping in contact, but nonetheless they get the work done. We had an accounting snafu recently, and they gave the whole year free. I can understand your nightmare scenario – they usually do better over the phone – so I would suggest you escalate this. Forget email.

  13. Bobby Brown said:

    Here is my comment. We use codespaces and it’s incredibly slow. Furthermore, every time I’m trying to login from their website there’s always a problem. It’s either me always picking the wrong time of the day or their systems are pretty shabby.
    I’ve just tried to login now. My password doesn’t work. Fine. I reset it. Try again: still doesn’t work. Repeat again: still doesn’t work. What the @#!@#! is wrong with them?!?!

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