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Sean Corfield made an entry on Railo Support and Consulting Services. While its nice to see a simple four level support structure, the following didn’t make sense to me:

  • Silver -includes support for 1 server only, 5 hours of support for $1000, which is $200/hr (with an additional discount for more). I’m not sure how many people would pay $1000 per year just to support a single server? Plus there is a 8 day fix delivery for any issues.
  • Gold – includes support for 2 servers only, 15 hours of support for $3000, which is the same $200/hr (with an additional discount for more). I’m not sure if there is a clear incentive to pay $1000 more instead of getting two Silver contracts. You will be getting a discount with the Silvers anyways for more hours (if you need them). The fix delivery is 7 days instead of 8.
  • Platinum – includes support for 2 servers only (2 servers for a platinum??), 45 hours of support for $9000, which is the same $200/hr (with an additional discount for more). The fix delivery is 5 days instead of 7. I don’t think anyone would use up 45 hours on two servers only in 1 years time, and if they do, they should be an “enterprise”. Platinum seems out of place to me.
  • Enterprise – includes support for 10 servers only (not sure where the enterprise comes in), 135 hours for 27k, which is the same $200/hr (with an additional discount for more). Whats interesting here is that the fix delivery time is still 5 days. I would rather buy 5 golds for 15k, which would cover 10 servers at 15 hours of support for each pair. If I need more than 15 hours, something is wrong… So for me Enterprise would not make sense.

So am I missing something? Is this just an initial draft? Why are three named after metals and the fourth called enterprise?


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  1. The server requirement seems odd. What if (like the company I am currently consulting with) we have 12 servers, but only require 5 hours of service. It would be nice to have a per hour charge, and I am sure Railo has that, but this was just posted, so it will flesh itself out I would assume.

  2. Sami has focused on the “bundled hours” aspect of these packages which I think is a bit misleading.

    The support packages are intended to offer a full range of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for a variety of production server scenarios. They all offer priority bug fixes (with different response times depending on the level of support) and discounts on additional support hours (with deeper discounts for the ‘higher’ support levels). Each package also includes a certain number of “complimentary” hours.

    Compare the Railo offerings to those for Mura, for example:


    Naturally we’re interested in feedback from the community but we feel these packages are comparable to those offered by other Professional Open Source organizations.

    Choose the level of SLA you want and talk to us about the number of servers you want covered. For example, 12 x Silver support is one option, or 6 x Gold / Platinum depending on what level of response time and/or support discount you want, or even a custom Enterprise level agreement extended to cover 12 servers instead of 10 if you need that level of SLA.

    Remember that the included hours can be used for any sort of support services, installation, configuration, tuning, customization etc.

    Hope that helps clarify?

  3. Sean,

    I’m hoping you can have this on this on the Railo website soon so that I can make an accurate comparison with other projects. I think the 5 bullet point approach can really help “mislead” someone.

    I’m looking to make an accurate comparison, but there isn’t much “documentation” to go on beside what you’ve said here in comment form, which I wouldn’t take to my boss, because a blog comment isn’t binding, or at least not the same as what is on the website.

    The Mura link actually is quite clear on what they provide. It also clarifies things in a nice table format.

    Maybe I’m missing something?

  4. Yes, collapsing the four pages into one – with a comparison table and and more explanatory text – may well be the best way to clarify the intention of the support packages.

  5. Based on the feedback we have received, we have updated the support page:


    Thank you for your comments!

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