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C’mon, dude, how long have we known each other, like 5 and half years? (I love to create a little controversy, especially in times like these.)
But no, its nothing really, except that he stole my idea of comparing ColdBox with Mach II and Model Glue. Oh well, I’ll continue with some other documentation about my experience with ColdBox.
Check out his great preso @ http://corfield.org/blog/index.cfm/do/blog.entry/entry/Comparing_Application_Frameworks_recording.


Comments on: "Sean Corfield Sucks! (jk)" (2)

  1. Anonymous Coward said:

    Yeah, we need to keep an eye out on Corfield… one thing he’s notorious for doing is travelling into the future to steal ideas, then implementing them in the present. So by the time I have my genius ground-breaking epiphany, I see that he’s already implemented it a year earlier… very low Corfield, very low 🙂

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