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CodexWiki WeirdNess

Ok, so I got CodexWiki installed and up and running with MySQL. However, I immediately ran into some weirdness.
For example, on the DashBoard page I wanted to create a link to a page that will detail the Product Management department. So I had code like this:
== [[PM:Product_Management|Product Management]] ==
Click to go to the Product Management area.
This created a link called “Product Management” to /wiki/PM:Product_Management.cfm. I use the “PM” namespace to differentiate this from other parts of the Wiki. For more information on NameSpaces, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namespace.
I wanted to create a link like so:
== [[IT:Information_Technology|Information Technology]] ==
Click to go to the Information Technology area.
And what I got was a link to Wikipedia itself! The link pointed to: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_Technology.
I create a page with that new namespaces and then tried to add links and it still freaked. Am I doing something wrong?
UPDATE: I thought possibly because IT and SE are also country codes, that is why its linking to Wikipedia entries by county. But when I entered US, or IN, I got proper links…


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