Web Software Architecture and Engineering – Life on the Bleeding Edge

So I decided to try out CodexWiki. It looks really good, and built
by two people I trust: Mark Mandel and Luis Majano. However, I don’t
like MySQL to be quite frank, and that is the only DB supported at this point. More on that later.
I downloaded CodexWiki, and looked at the db install notes here: http://www.codexwiki.org/wiki/Installation_Guide.cfm#Database_Installation
What?! I couldn’t decipher what exactly to do. So I thought maybe I
could convert the SQL script (which is MySQL only) to SQL Server, but I
found there wasn’t an easy way to do that either. I used various
tools, but each one’s output was incomplete. So I gave in after 6
hours (if you look at the script, you’ll see why), and installed MySQL. Which was surprisingly easy. However,
finding a good MySQL Client was harder. I did find one, but
found according to the instructions that you couldn’t run the SQL
script from a client!
Now what! So I went looking for the SQL
Script, and that wasn’t very well documented either. I finally found
one that looked promising in the codexwikiworkbenchsql.5
directory. It was called codexwiki_mysqldump.sql. 
I then did some quick Scroogling and adapted a script to install the dump. Here are the steps.

  1. Use a client to create a “codex” database.
  2. Open the command prompt. (Hopefully on Windows, you checked the
    option to put MySQL in the PATH, so you can run MySQL commands very
  3. Go to the directory mentioned above. Run this command: mysql -u root -p codex < codexwiki_mysqldump.sql
  4. Enter the password for the server at the prompt, and that should be it.

Hopefully that helps! Maybe CodexWiki will support SQL Server with a proper script in the near future.


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