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We’ve convinced a major college in Southern California to teach ColdFusion as part of their IS curriculum. This is a big move, but they cannot find anyone with a Master’s Degree to teach the course. If you know someone who may be interested, let me know.


Comments on: "Looking for ColdFusion Guru with a Master's Degree" (10)

  1. I would have taken this up in a heart beat, too bad i live in Nashville.

  2. I have a master’s degree, but I don’t live in the US 🙂

  3. William B. said:

    I live right here in Southern California. It would be awesome to teach. I have 9 years CF experience and would definitely consider myself a ‘guru’, but I only have a Bachelor’s in CS. Give me a few years. Or, I could work on the Master’s while teaching… 🙂

  4. I have a MA in Art Ed. I’ve used cold fusion for about a year now. I’ve been web developing for about 4. Guru no but getting quite proficient. Which part is more important?

  5. I would’ve love to take this opportunity since I know CF quite well and posses a CS Master degree. However I am in NC.

  6. @All,

    Yeah, would love if most of you were in SoCal.


    I think we’d be looking for at least 5-10 years of CF experience. Maybe in a couple of years? Keep up you work with CF. 😀

  7. Tim Archambault said:

    I have an MBA from University of Maine Business School, am the Online Director for a publicly traded company in Utah. I completed advanced coldfusion training in 1999 back when Allaire was alive and well. Been programming in it since then. Would be willing to travel to teach but it depends on how often classes are and what the pay is

  8. larry c. lyons said:

    I’ve been working with CF for the last 11 years, and am an ABD (all but dissertation) in Experimental Psychology. It sounds liike a great course to teach. Unfortunately I’m on the East Coast (Northern Virginia).


  9. Rich Slazinski said:

    I fit the bill perfectly. I have tons of experience and even have a Master’s Degree in a related field. I would love to teach this course.

    Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near Southern California and just felt like wasting everyone’s time making this comment.

  10. Hola,

    I have a MBA from Golden Gate University (2001) and have been programming in ColdFusion since 1998. I live in San Francisco…


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