Web Software Architecture and Engineering – Life on the Bleeding Edge

Let me start by saying, we had hosted our servers at OpSource, a premier SaaS managed hosting company, with nationwide coverage for almost 3 years. We had issues off and on for a quite a while with them, and soon we knew we had to take things to the next level. Our servers were getting old, and so was their service.
Part of the problem was having a company so big, so global, that they, it seemed, felt no need to treat us special. So we had a strong urge to drop a remote host, for disaster recovery purposes, in favor of someone local, so that we could get some face time (and hopefully better service).
Our only option in Southern California was Intelenet, which recently changed their name to Latisys (they have merged and grown since then). They answered our questions regarding being in California, hence dealing with earthquakes right from the start. They showed how they were out of the quake zone, and that LA City, and other local clients, actually outsource and do disaster recovery with them being in the heart of Orange County, for those who are familiar with the area). 
They were quite aggresive from the start, always following up, and showed they were quite eager to earn our business, and to work the quote to meet our needs. They went the extra mile for us on several occasions. They have 3 major data centers spread out across the US due to mergers and acquisitions. Their upper management seemed quite brainy, and their data center setup is quite impressive. All their backups go to their Colorado facility. And they were also SAS 70 Type II compliant along with being PCI certified.
Overall, their pricing was decent, and despite some minor hiccups, we liked what they had to offer.
So there you have it. It took 3 long arduous months for us to find a host, and so far we are quite pleased.

  • Go get ’em attitude
  • National Coverage
  • Willing to go the extra mile
  • Brainy management
  • PCI Experience
  • SAS 70 Type II certified
  • 1 Hour Hardware Replacement
  • Medium Costs


  • Not all together well-known
  • In California (near quake zones, although they make up for it by being on the priority grid, and having 3 layers of monthly tested power backups)
  • Some minor hiccups, turn around time took a little longer due to the holidays

Rank: Tier 3


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