Web Software Architecture and Engineering – Life on the Bleeding Edge

AmericanEagle is a web development company that does big business for industry, government, etc. They have a couple data center, and listed on their website, was also PCI Compliant Hosting. However, from my initial contact, it seemed like their sales people weren’t used to selling stand-alone PCI Compliant Hosting, and that most of their clients doing e-Commerce were also their clients for development.
Despite that, they were PCI Certified Hosts. However, it seemed the sales process hadn’t caught up, and their quotes were a bit cookie cutter. If you are looking for a host to build the website and to host it, they might be a good option, however I couldn’t tell if they had any ColdFusion experience.

  • PCI Certified Host
  • Web Development Knowledge


  • Locked into their PC specs
  • Cookie cutter quote process
  • Primarily a web dev company
  • Medium Sized
  • New to Hosting Only concept
  • Could not provide diagram of proposed setup
  • Medium Costs

Rank: Tier 3


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