Web Software Architecture and Engineering – Life on the Bleeding Edge

A3IT is the opposite of DataPipe in terms of size. As far as I know, they had only one data center. However, if someone is looking for a Certified PCI Host with a personal touch, they seemed to be the way to go. They seem to be a sub-50 person company located in North Carolina, and they took the time to understand our setup.
Initial setup costs seemed high, however was understandable for a smaller data center, which can’t spread costs based on economy of scale.

  • PCI Certified Host
  • Personal Touch / Small Size (could be a minus)
  • Plenty of PCI Experience


  • Small Size (see above)
  • Couldn’t do a site-to-site VPN to servers (lack of resources?)
  • Did not provide diagram of setup
  • Medium to High Costs
  • Didn’t have much in the way of shared storage setup (lack of resources?)

Rank: Tier 3


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