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When you have a user base like ours, its very easy to get frustrated. We’ve built a SaaS web application local governments, state governments, non-profits, and community based organizations. These are all people strapped for cash, and while we help them find that $$$, they have and maintain and infrastructure straighout out of 1995. Oh the stories I could tell…
Anyways, I’ve always been looking for a subtle way to tell the end user to upgrade their browser, without being overt, and without pissing off “IT Administrators”. While we support IE 6 (uhhh), we always like when our users upgrade to IE7 or Firefox.
Now, I think I’ve found a nice way to do that. See: Push Up The Web (http://www.pushuptheweb.com/). Its a small JS library, ported to JQuery, Dojo and others that display a little reminder to upgrade in the upper right corner of the screen if you are using an outdated browser. Click on any of the browser icons if you’re browser is up to date to force a reminder. Its simple and effective.


Comments on: "Subtly Encourage Users to Upgrade their Browser" (2)

  1. I would probably edit the text to something a little more passive-aggressive, given all the time I’ve lost fixing IE6 errors, but I like the idea a lot! Nice that someone put it all together in one package.

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