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Steve Bryant released Mailer.cfc Version 1.8 a couple days ago.
We use this CFC extensively (w/ ColdSpring) to provide a single point for sending mails. No more CFMAILs strewn throughout the app.
If that isn’t enough of a benefit, its chock loaded with features, include the new “sender” header I asked for, which allows you to send email “On Behalf Of” other people. In other words, if you pass the CFC:

  • From: a@xyz.com
  • To: b@xyz.com
  • Sender: c@xyz.com

It will send the mail from “c@xyz.com On Behalf Of a@xyz.com”. All replies go to “a@xyz.com”. This functionality comes in handy when you must send mail on behalf of a user, but from your mail servers which may mark the email as spam. Our government clients are very particular about email, SPF settings, and resist whitelisting, etc.


Comments on: "Tools of the Trade #4: Mailer.cfc 1.8" (2)

  1. The site linked to above seems to be down

  2. Sami,

    Thanks for the post and for the suggestion on the Sender argument.


    Sorry for the trouble. It threw an error (with the error catching not working) while I was off line for a few days. It should be working now.

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