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GSI Hosting was really aggresive from the get go about talking on the phone. Once I did, I knew I was talking with guys who knew their stuff, and were in a completely different league. Not only are they experts in the security area for a while, but they’ve gotten PCI down, and can ask all the tough questions, and answer them right back. They were quick to bring all the necessary experts in the room.
As you can tell, I felt very comfortable with them. Plus, two key points really helped them, one they are among a few certified by Visa as a model for others (and from what I can remember, they even host some of their servers). Second, the company itself started out with CF (in the Allaire days).
It became quickly apparent, these guys had their technical and business chops. They talked about the competition, and how their ROI was different because you would achieve the highest level of PCI Compliance, because they didn’t offer toolkits, but their whole environment from the ground up met or beat PCI Standards. What this meant was no unforseen costs, you host, you’re compliant under their certification by Trustwave.
They also offered tons of flexibilty. Needless to say I was impressed.
Unfortunately, their cost structure put them at par with Rackspace. But, as you can tell, their was a world of difference between them and Rackspace. We tried really hard to get the cost down, as GSI ended up being my top choice, however they still ended up high, and with the economy, management could not support an increase in spending at this time.
There is so much more to say about these guys. So how do I rank them. Most definitely Tier 4! I would highly recommend them if PCI Compliant Managed Hosting means a lot to you and want premium support and services.


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  1. Hey Sami, thanks for posting your reviews. I found out about GSI Hosting in my research as well.

    As you noted, it’s a market with apparently few interested players at anything but a premium/enterprise level. Most hosts–who I’m sure host thousands of little e-commerce stores–seem to be hoping to coast along for a while still!

    Who did you end up going with?

  2. I’ll be posting about a couple more players, and why we ended up at the host we finally chose. Stay tuned!

  3. Thank you very much for the compliments. We appreciate the ability to offer our services to the market and meet a very real demand with a high value solution. If you would like to download our responsibilities matrix and learn more about GSI’s PCI hosting just email me.

  4. Sorry – here is my email. jbarnes(at)gsihosting(dot)com

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