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The situation is quite bad. I’ve worked hard over the years to build a solid team.
Over the years we’ve built complex Mach II, ColdSpring, & Reactor based ColdFusion Products in a SaaS model. I’d never want to let anyone from my team go. Unfortunately, the situation is out of my control.
On Friday, we didn’t technically layoff or fire, but “closed the position” for two of my team members. One of them was for one of the Sr. Web Developer positions, and a person I’ve know for years, and one of the nicest guys on the block (not to mention a family man). We had no choice. Our clientele, local and state governments are hard hit due to the financial crisis, and despite growing 30% per year, we had to trim because banks are tighetning up and 2009 looks bleak.
Its not a decision that came easily. I’m still stressed! If we had the money, we’d hire him back up in a second. So while this is bad news for us, it may be good news for you.
Anyone looking for someone to work remote, who is a well known CF developer and all-around great guy? I can provide more details and a strong reference. Let me know!


Comments on: "Tis a Sad Day – Sr. CF Developer Laid Off" (5)

  1. Please contact me.

  2. If he is willing to move to NC, please contact me at qasimrasheed AT gmail DOT com.


  3. I feel your pain…I was just laid off on Thursday (10/29)…no severance…no notice. If anyone knows of anyone hiring in the Chicago area, let me know 😀

  4. Have him contact me. We are hiring two with remote being ok for contract/perm work this winter.

  5. Dan Roberts said:

    If anyone is looking for a full-time position in the DC area, let me know. I know of a company currently looking for experienced CF developers. danielmroberts(@)gmail(dot)com

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