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Subversion 1.5.3 Released

Download: http://subversion.tigris.org/downloads/subversion-1.5.3.zip

Version 1.5.3
(10 Oct 2008, from /branches/1.5.x)

User-visible changes:
* Allow switch to continue after deleting locally modified dirs (issue #2505)
* Update bash_completion to be compatible with 1.5 (r32900, -11, -12)
* Improve 'svn merge' execution time by 30% on Windows (r33447)
* Reuse network sessions during 'svn merge', improving performance (r33476)
* Improve temp file creation time on Windows (r33464)
* Greatly improve merge performance (r29969, r32463, r33013, -016, -022, -112)
* Improve file IO performance on Windows (r33178, -85)
* fixed: merging files with spaces in name (r33109, -121, -369)
* fixed: incorrect relative externals expansion (r33109, -121, -369)
* fixed: 'svn mv' hangs and consumes infinite memory (r33201, -12)
* fixed: correctness regression in 'svn log -g' (issue #3285)
* fixed: current early bailout of 'svn log -g' (r32977)

Developer-visible changes:
* Allow the tests to run as non-administrator on Windows Vista (r31203)
* Allow out-of-tree build of bindings on BSD (r32409)
* Translate messages in svn_fs_util.h (r32771)
* fixed: bindings test for Perl 5.10 (r31546)
* fixed: building bindings and C API tests with VS2008 (r32012)
* fixed: svn_ra_replay API over ra_serf (r33173)


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