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We’ve been using SVN 1.4 with SVNMerge.exe to manage merges between our branches and trunk. Each developer works in a branch and merge his stuff into the trunk, and also picks up any new stuff from trunk back into his branch. Has worked well for us.
We use a tool called svnmerge.exe. Now that SVN 1.5 is here, and our SCM (CollabNet, formerly known as SourceForge OnDemand) has upgraded, we’d like to migrate our merge history over to the new format.
Fortunately, svnmerge provides a tool for that. Unfortunately, its written in Python. Does anyone have experience with this?
This is what SVNMerge’s website states:

How do I migrate from svnmerge.py to Subversion 1.5’s Merge Tracking?
Use svnmerge-migrate-history.py to convert the merge history written by svnmerge.py into Subversion 1.5’s format.



Comments on: "Help Needed – SVN Merge / Upgrading to SVN 1.5" (1)

  1. Hi there!
    Well I´m not an expert in software and all these things but there is some special for questions about SVN…actually a SVN FORUM.


    I hope It can help you. Good luck!!

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