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Look what I found! The Small Business Administration posted a 126 page doc on their CF standards! Download it while you still can!



Comments on: "SBA's ColdFusion Coding Standards" (13)

  1. Holy cow! I have to believe anything longer that 10 pages won’t get read or followed 🙂

  2. The document actually contains that caution (that it is too big for developers to read and remember) so it provides examples – except most of them are “under construction”.

    The document is *very* specific to SBA’s systems and is very dated in many of its recommendations (it sounds like they’ve still got some CF4.5 servers in productions). There’s nothing about CFCs, nothing about Application.cfc and only very cursory recommendations about any sort of reuse (despite 50% shared code being a stated goal).

  3. Yup, I should have said, “SBA’s …”

    Definitely worth a glance. Not every day you get a chance to see a document like this, and hey, nobody said it would be pretty!

  4. I scanned through the first 20 pages and although a lot of the stuff was very specific to SBA (like required variables naming and file prefixing), I still figured there’d be a lot of great data in there. Unfortunately that was not the case. A lot of stuff I read appears to be pre-CF6 specific. By the time I got to page 18 where it talks about avoiding old session locking problems, I knew the doc was out of date (they know what they’re talking about of course, this was an old mutli-threading session lock problem that existed in earlier versions of CF and was fixed in CF6). CF6 has been out for over 6 years now… time to update :).

    I realize that like any large organization they are likely supporting multiple versions of CF (in their case it looks like CF4.5, CF6, and CF7), but as for a blog title of “ColdFusion Coding Standards”… I’d say the title is better suited for “ColdFusion Coding Standards at SBA”. (Sorry, not trying to be harsh, but I got excited when I thought there was a new well-documented CF coding standards doc (haven’t seen a good one since the one Sean wrote several years ago)).

  5. @Jeff,

    Sorry to disappoint. I changed the post title.

    Seems like there is a great need for a solid to to date CF Coding Standard… Hmmm…


  6. No worries. I hadn’t even seen Ben or Sean’s comments yet (I hadn’t refreshed). Sean had already pointed it out anyway.

    btw Sean: They do mention Application.cfc and other advanced topics, but they are much farther down the doc (see index of pdf).

  7. @Jeff, I think by the time I got 70 or 80 pages in I was zoning out so it’s likely I missed the *few* mentions of advanced stuff 🙂

    Seriously, coding standards are no use when they’re that thick and that detailed / prescriptive. No one can read them and remember anything worthwhile. Can you imagine what a code review would be like, checking source code against 100+ pages of documentation? It’s “shelfware”.

  8. Sean/Jeff,

    Do you guys have your own internal standards? Would you be willing to share an outline of what you cover in them?

  9. http://livedocs.adobe.com/wtg/public/coding_standards/

    It hasn’t been updated in a while (since I left that team years ago!) but it’s still pretty solid I think.

  10. Yeah, its pretty good. But also 3.5 years old.. And those 3.5 years have been CF’s most dynamic.

  11. Someone should take the WTG guidelines and update them then 🙂

    I can pretty much guarantee it won’t be me tho’…

  12. Wow, reading them bring me headache…

  13. I subscribed to your blog when is the next post

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