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Ummm. Look at the image below. We evacuated our building. 55 Earthquakes in 1 hour!
You see Pasadena? Thats where I work.
You see Pomona, right above the square, thats where I live!
Earthquake Map


Comments on: "SoCal Earthquake. Alive and Well, thank God!" (3)

  1. yep, felt it here in Santa Monica too, had the apartment shakin’. No damage anywhere as far as I can tell, thank God for that too.

  2. I felt it in my office down in San Diego. Shook the 2nd floor of our building for about 4 seconds and oddly enough the people on the first floor didn’t feel it.

  3. Anything under a 6 magnitude 6 should be considered a fun ride 😛

    All that fell for me was a few books from the shelf

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