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Did you know that the Mozilla Foundation maintains a list of publicly available domains extensions, known as public suffixes? The site says: “Some examples of public suffixes are ‘.com’, ‘.co.uk’ and ‘pvt.k12.wy.us’.”
Where does this come in handy? Well, validation for one thing. Most email validation scripts look for length and a “.” after the “@”, even though any text really after the “@” is “valid” (thats another issue). But for public domain email addresses, its always been a “nice to have” to have easy access to an updated list of valid public suffixes, so if someone enters darth@vader.foo, you can tell that is an invalid email address.
Well, here it is: http://publicsuffix.org/. Enjoy!


Comments on: "The Public Suffix List – Valid Domains Extensions" (2)

  1. i wonder if they’ll maintain it next year when anything you want TLDs become available…

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