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UPDATE: See Adam Lehman’s Blog Entry: http://www.adrocknaphobia.com/post.cfm/coldfusion-backup-disaster-recovery-license
Did you know, you can have a set of servers set aside with existing CF licenses for the purpose of disaster recovery? Yes, that’s right, no need to buy extra licenses.
The EULA states: “Backup and Disaster Recovery. Licensee may make and install a reasonable number of copies of the Software for backup and archival purposes and use such copies solely in the event that the primary copy has failed or is destroyed, but in no event may Licensee use such copies concurrently with Production Software or Development Software…”
Read more @ http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/pdfs/AdobeColdFusion8.0.1_Combined_11-06-2007.pdf.


Comments on: "ColdFusion Secret Let Out: Disaster Recovery At No Extra Cost!" (8)

  1. I’d love to hear from someone at Adobe on this. It seems pretty clear, but hopefully they can confirm the intent of this part of the EULA.

  2. Wait….seriously? That’s awesome!


  3. I heard this directly from Jason Delmore, CF Product Manager. It’s as official as it gets.

  4. I can back Sami up here. Heard this from Jason Delmore as well.

  5. How does group staging/development server licensing work? Example: you buy 2 CF Server licenses for production and your team works locally so the development server version is fine, but you need other people to approve/review also. Do you need a third license?

  6. Also does the scenario change if I am using vmare?

  7. Well, thanks Sami and Sam. This IS excellent news!

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