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I wrote an article a while back for the now defunct ColdFusion Developers Journal on GZIP’ing dynamic content for free using ColdFusion. I’ll be covering the topic in more detail soon, with some updates, and answering some questions people asked me since then. In the mean time, feel free to check out the article, while it is still up.
The article can be found @ http://coldfusion.sys-con.com/read/345934.htm (I hope you are using FireFox and have AdBlock because the web site sucks!).


Comments on: "Poor Man's HTTP Compression with ColdFusion" (2)

  1. append _p to the end of the file name (before the extension) to get the much friendlier print version of any sys-con.com page:

  2. HTTP Compression is great 🙂

    Using apache’s mod_deflate with apache is easier and you can also target non-cf content like javascript which often is the bulk of the initial requests

    I would be interested to do a performance comparision under load to see if Java beats C ..


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