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Here is another Lousy ColdFusion Job Posting. This one is special. Why? Because its for a Software Development Manager (ColdFusion) from Dice.com.
As a posting for a Software Development Manager, you (the recruiting company) should have to work hard to define a job posting that is both enticing and engaging.
Looking at the job posting below, one is left with more questions than answers.
What do they mean by “multiple years”? Is that 3 years, or a dozen? Hands on experience: at a basic level, or must he/she be an expert developer?
Of course, we have the usual complaints: No information about the company, the types of apps being built, the size of the team, etc. What is the manager supposed to manage?
What they are trying to do is hook someone so that they call in or send their resume. In my experience, 99% of the recruiters would not have answers to any of the above questions if you did contact them. So what are they doing? Is this a type of “job phishing”? Is it a “mandatory” listing so that in reality they can give the job to someone they already know (a typical case)?
Maybe I’ll work on coming up with a set or rules and guidelines for hiring ColdFusion Developers and Managers/Architects. Think this would be worthwhile?

Software Development Manager (ColdFusion)
ColdFusion, SDLC
Los Angeles, CA
Area code:
Tax term:
Pay rate:
Position ID:
Dice ID:
Job description:
Excellent company in the Los Angeles, CA area is looking for a permanent Software Development Manager. Qualified candidates should have:
* Multiple years of experience leading teams through the full SDLC (should have lead teams with at least 5 direct reports).
* Experience leading teams working with ColdFusion applications.
* Hands-on background in ColdFusion is a plus.
* Four year degree is preferred.

Travel required:


Comments on: "Lousy ColdFusion Job Posting #2" (8)

  1. Alfio Raymond said:

    LMAO!!! Any job that doesn’t give too many details seems like a lousy job as I have learned myself in the past. Once a recruiter ask me what all the the different technologies are which showed me he didn’t have a clue.

  2. Alfio – too many tech recruiters tend to know nothing about the tech field. It really is an interesting experience working with them. Realistically, they only need to know about the process of finding and placing candidates. I tend to keep my distance from the less knowledgeable ones.

    Good find. About the guidelines thing, I have my doubts that those out of the loop will follow them. Though on the other hand, that’s what makes interesting content like this possible. It would be good to see something like that though, maybe some of those clueless companies could finally figure out what they’re doing wrong 🙂

  3. I’m currently working on an opposite post in reaction to the resumes that I get when trying to fill a position. Good grief, 99.9% of people do not know how to write a resume.

    And that’s ok, not everyone has strong writing skills – but at least acknowledge the weakness and have people polish it up for you.

    I got one resume from someone literally saying in their resume “for the high salary that I command…” While at the same time every 5th word was a spelling mistake. It was so egregious that I initially thought it was someone playing a prank on me.

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