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Since I’ve launched my blog, I’ve had a tremendous response. So far I’ve had hits from across the world; from over 20 countries; all in such a short time.
One of the tasks associated with starting a blog is of course getting your name out there. One of the ways to do that is to get your blog aggregated. Here is my experience with 4 major aggregators. If I’m missing any, do let me know. And yes, I’m pinging them with new posts.
When I launched my blog, I emailed a handful of folks. Ray Camden was one of them. The next day I got an email back saying something to the effect: “Glad to see you blogging, I added you to ColdFusionBloggers.org.” And that was it. I immediately saw my blog entries being picked. No pain points. This was by far the smoothest one. Nice job Ray!
Rating: A
** NEW ** Adrian reminded me about cfblogs.com. I remember adding myself, but never checked back. I quickly checked and saw this very entry at the top. Looks like they are quick. I’ll continue to watch them.
Rating: A- (Not sure what kinds of hits they get.)
I knew there would be issues here. Several people have blogged about not being aggregated, or not getting a response from Geoff. Fortunately, I did get a response pretty quickly from him, and after working out some RSS formatting issues, I was added. I saw my first 3 blog posts. However since then, none of my blog posts have shown up. Many people have complained that its slow to pickup posts, and you can add me as one of them.
Rating: C-
Feeds.Adobe.Com (Formerly MXNA)
Having read other blogs, I expected the same issues with Feeds as I did with FullAsAGoog. And yup, got the same exact issues. Getting added was easy, however after the first couple posts, my entries never got picked up. It pretty much has the same issues as FullAsAGoog.
Rating: C-
I’ve tried to contact them twice, with no response yet.
Rating: D-
I’m hoping there are more aggregators and more tips out there for getting picked up properly. So far its been a rocky start. I’ll keep this entry up to date as soon as I hear more.


Comments on: "ColdFusion Blog Aggregators – My Experience So Far" (4)

  1. Sami, I got onto MXNA pretty quickly, then was picked up by Ray’s site since he loaded the sites that MXNA had at the time. My posts get picked up pretty quickly by both.

    I’ve contacted the other two numerous times and have not heard a thing from either.

    I later found another site had picked up my feed: http://cfblogs.com. They aggregate CF Job listing too.

    Good luck.

  2. To be fair, I’m not always quick on the turnaround for CFB. It all depends on the kind of week I’m having.

  3. @Adrian: Thanks for reminding me about cfblogs.com. I am aggregated there, and have updated the blog entry.

    @Ray: You’re still #1, busy or not. 😉

  4. I get really goo traffic from coldfusionbloggers.org and feeds.adobe.com. i have just added myself to the others and ill see how it goes.

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