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Anyone using AbleCommerce as their e-Commerce solution? They’ve been around ever since I started work on CF, but never got a chance to use them. Any comments would be helpful.


Comments on: "AbleCommerce – Need Some Insight" (7)

  1. I would suggest steering clear of AbleCommerce if you have any need, at all, to do customizations of the system. Out of the box it does the job but it is not very flexible. Unfortunately we found that Able did not have many answers for our questions and seemed to have better support for the .net version of the product.

    After developing a project with AbleCommerce for 3-4 months we abandoned it in favor of cfwebstore.

  2. We have been using them for a while. Overall, we have not been very happy with product and how AbleCommerce support works and have been looking into alternatives. The product isn’t total with out its benefits. You can contact me for information if you like.

  3. Thanks for the responses folks. Was your experience with Version 7 that was recently released?

  4. I used able commerce on a project back in 2001 or 2002. I was not impressed with it at the time, because it was a pain to do some customizations the client wanted which, IMHO should have been much easier to tweak. It could be that it has gotten better with the more recent releases, but I never tried it again.

  5. Thanks guys. After exchanging emails with you guys and reading your comments, I won’t be recommending AbleCommerce. I’d love to get their take on this, and maybe I’ll contact them. Seems they need to read my Architect post, and get one of their own to build a well thought out system. Seems experience isn’t everything.

  6. I just finished a big job using ablecommerce, CF version 5.5 (V7 is only .net). it’s getting a bit long in the tooth, but i did a lot of customisation (eg replacing most of the forms with cfforms) and it did everything i needed it to. every time the client said “can you do this…?” i’d just turn the menu item on and there it was.
    The CF version does seem to have stagnated, and the forum is pretty slow, but they do have at least on developer there who still knows the answers, and a couple of users who still write back.

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