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Tools of the Trade #2

Ever want a tool for web services, that can easily talk with a WSDL, and can create sample SOAP requests for you. In fact, all you had to do is hit a Play button?
Last month, I was working hard on integrating with a US Government API. They expose a web service, but I kept getting errors. I need to have a simple interface to play with the web service call, have it do SSL authentication, and give me a clean easy interface to work with.
That’s when I found SoapUI. And best of all, it is a Eclipse Plugin. All I had to do was setup a new WSDL project:
Create WSDL Project
It read through, and created the integration points.
Integration Points
And finally gave me this interface:
WS Interface
As you can see, in the upper left is a nice little green play button. All I have to do now is tweak the values and hit play. Nice and easy. That’s what I like. Find out more by clicking on the “Tools of the Trade” page. Enjoy!


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