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Tools of the Trade #1

I’ve created a new page called “Tools of the Trade”. I’ll slowly be adding links to tools that make life easier.
The first tool, called SVN CommitMonitor is a tool developed by the folks at TortoiseSVN. Actually, its part of “Stefan’s Tools”, and is described as “a small tool to monitor Subversion repositories for new commits. It has a very small memory footprint and resides in the system tray.”
What problem does this tool solve?

  • Allows you to monitor commits without wading through svn commit emails. Will even send a poup notification when new changes are made.
  • Keeps a record of SVN commits, like a RSS feed, so you can view history.
  • Allows you to see who made what change (with a quick glance), and can even spit out unified diffs.
  • Watch your favorite frameworks for changes (watch Bleeding Edge SVN repos).
  • Can monitor dozens of repos in one easy interface.

To me, this tool was a life saver, and now I use it every day. Find out more by clicking on the “Tools of the Trade” page. Enjoy!


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